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Alliance Youth Sport Trust Membership

About the Youth Sports Trust membership:

Improving Wellbeing and Achievement through PE & School Sport

Through Neil Saunders – Deputy Head at Michael Syddall school, SLE and our Alliance Lead for PE – we’ve had discussions with the Youth Sport Trust about support for schools:

  • to ensure high quality sustainable provision for pupils
  • to ensure effective use of Sports Premium
  • to support subject leadership and development planning
  • to provide meaningful, comprehensive validation of the work already taking place
  • to be up-to-date with current local and National priorities
  • to be OfSTED ready

Membership of the YST brings access to high quality support and materials and enables each school to develop a detailed action plan with the support of the YST Regional Development Officer.

Michael Syddall have worked with the Youth Sports Trust for a number of years – Neil is a Primary PE Lead and Headteacher Ambassador and the school were in a shortlist of three for the YST Outstanding Primary School Award and have also won the North Yorkshire PE and Sports Premium Award for the last two years. In their very recent inspection, OfSTED’s view was:

Additional physical education (PE) and sports funding has broadened the range of opportunities that pupils have, both during core curriculum activities and playtimes. The deputy headteacher has ensured that pupils receive a high-quality physical education programme. This equips pupils with the necessary age-appropriate skills to understand their own level of fitness and the knowledge to know how to keep themselves healthy.

There are a raft of activities designed to keep pupils of all ages engaged in physical activities, ensuring that playtimes are harmonious, highly active occasions where pupils’ outcomes are excellent.

Join the Youth Sports Trust in collaboration with the Alliance to access great development opportunities for your school!

The cost is £1100 per school for Premium membership – a small proportion of any school’s PE and Sports Premium.

The advantages of having as many Alliance schools as possible join comes through working collaboratively to maximise and coordinate the support from the Regional Development Officer, to benefit from additional free CPD and to maximise the benefit from Athlete Mentor visits.

What next:

Please consider the benefits of joining the YST for your schools - more information about YST membership can be found at and for more detail about the impact in school contact Neil Saunders