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SSIF Project

The Alliance was successful in its bid to the Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) - one of only 53 successful bids nationally and only four in the whole of the Northern Region.

Further information about the SSIF can be found at:

The project centers on 10 schools in serving forces communities and which meet the eligibility criteria set out by the DfE. The project is to develop a whole school approach to developing pupils' metacognition and will run to April 2019.

Project Plan: 

SSIF Project Plan edited

The Alliance have three highly experienced Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE's) - Kirsty, Hannah and Claire implementing the SSIF Project.  They have been working very closely with members of Senior Leadership Teams, teachers and support staff to develop a metacognitive approach in maths. This highly bespoke program has been designed by our Lead Practitioners and tailored to meet the needs of each individual project school.

Please visit our Specialist Leaders of Education pages to see their profiles from the link below: 
Lead Practitioners for SSIF Project