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CPLD & Succession planning

All schools who are members of the Swaledale Alliance benefit from collaborative challenge and support to improve learning outcomes for pupils and provide continued professional learning and development (CPLD).

Visit the pages on the left for further details and dates of the development programmes and network groups we have on offer.

Our event calendars are available on the following pages:

CPD & Event Diary - Autumn Term 2023

CPD and Event Diary - Spring Term 2024

CPD & Event Diary - Summer Term 2024

All programmes require booking, this can be done by emailing or calling the Alliance admin team.

Some programmes may incur a cost.  Unless otherwise stated the event will be held at the Swaledale Alliance, Brompton on Swale Primary School, DL10 7JW.

Our CPD events are available to non partner schools.  For costs, please refer to the individual network or development group page or contact the Alliance Admin Office.