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First Aid Training 

We are currently signposting our schools to the following providers:

A & E Harmonious Training -   01748 821260

Please book directly via the provider.

  • Schools should calculate their needs for FAW, EFAW and Paediatric First Aid requirements.
  • HSE Guidelines state that “ .schools are required to have fully qualified FAW trained personnel, they will need to look at their risk assessment and consider the need on average for every 50 people there should be 1 FAW trained person…”
  • Please check the HSE Guidelines for the latest up to date information when considering your Schools’ needs.
  • The HSE risk assessment is a guideline, the individual who completes the 3 day FAW is the person who manages the first aid needs and risk assessment.

For more details, please visit the HSE website:

Disclaimer: this information taken from the HSE website should be used for information only. It is not provided or guaranteed by the Alliance.