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Swaledale Alliance System Leaders

Listed below are our Swaledale Alliance System Leaders, these are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions within schools.  They understand what outstanding leadership practice in their area of expertise looks like and are skilled in helping other leaders to achieve it in their own context.

Click on our System Leaders name to find out more about them.

Name Specialism School  Year Group
Charlotte Kirkpatrick English (Assessment & Writing Moderation Michael Syddall Primary School
Dave Fenn English / PE Leeming RAF Community Primary School
Beth Parker English Trinity Academy Middleton Tyas
Sam James EYFS Trinity Academy Eppleby EYFS
Julie Swinbank EYFS Richmond Methodist School EYFS
Sophie Bell EYFS Le Cateau EYFS
Michelle Ball FS2 Bedale CE Primary School
Matthew Hartley-Haw Geography / Computing Bedale CE Primary School
Gavin Cope Geography / Reading Hunton & Arrathorne Primary Schools
Angela Campbell Leadership CPD - Metacognition, Pupil Premium, Maths  Le Cateau Yr 1
Karen Hainsworth Maths Appleton Wiske Primary School
Catherine Lawton Maths Masham Yr 1/2
Natalie Wiltshire Maths / SEND / Early Reading / ECT Mentor Leeming RAF Community Primary School
Nickie Young Pastoral / Wellbeing Michael Syddall Primary School
Joe Larder PE/ Forest School / Behaviour Management Richmond Methodist School KS1
Lynzi Ewbank Phonics, NQT Le Cateau KS1
Vikki Hughes Science / PE Applegarth Primary School
Sophie Tennant Special Educational Needs Burneston CE Primary School
Claire Barnes SSIF Metacognition, Assessment, Maths Le Cateau