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Website compliance project information

Purpose of the project

To ensure that school websites are compliant with statutory requirements giving them the best possible start at an Ofsted inspection

Assist schools in their development of a user-friendly website by offering good practice advice and guidance

To provide an audit and checklist that is both informative and a valuable tool to assist you with your website compliance

Progress so far

  • Project start date January 2017
  • 243 primary schools have been audited to date
  • Funded for a further two terms (Summer ‘18)

17 areas are assessed for compliance:

  1. School Contact Details
  2. Admission Arrangements
  3. Ofsted Reports
  4. Exam and Assessment Results
  5. Curriculum Information
  6. Behaviour Policy
  7. School Complaints Policy and Procedure
  8. Child Protection Policy
  9. Pupil Premium
  10. PE and Sport Premium
  11. Special Educational Needs (SEN) Report
  12. Equality Objectives
  13. Governor Information
  14. Charging and Remissions Policy
  15. Values and Ethos
  16. Request for Paper Copies
  17. Financial Information

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Updated November 2020