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HLTA Programme 2018

New HLTA Assessment Course (Assessment Only Route)

This route is designed for potential HLTAs who feel that they already meet the HLTA standards and wish to prepare themselves for the assessment process.  This course contains 2 full days of instruction along with a twilight session.  Course participants will be expected to complete a portfolio of evidence in preparation for their assessment visit.  For more details, contact Andrea Offord (Alliance Business Manager) I=ON 01748 818195.

New HLTA - Development and Assessment Route

This is an opportunity for those colleagues who would like to become an HLTA but feel that they would like to develop their skills before being formally assessed.  On this course, potential HLTAs will attend 4 full day and 8 twilight sessions over the duration of 2 terms.  The sessions will focus on developing the candidate's ability to teach whole classes of children across the primary age range. 

Please see attached the Flyer for the 2018 Programme:


For more information about becoming an HLTA, please visit for more details.