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Peer Support Teacher

Richard Paterson, Federation of Abbey Schools

Year 6

Specialism - Science

Richard Paterson_abbeyBefore becoming a teacher, Richard worked as a TA in both KS1 and KS2. Since training with High Force SCITT, he has worked in Year 5 and is presently in Year 6. Richard passionately believes in a class culture where success is celebrated and achieved through resilience and independence; the children are encouraged and supported to be individual learners and to take charge of their own progress. He created and introduced a method of writing where the children continually edit and peer-assess their own and each other’s work, creating an environment where they are able to set their own success criteria and challenge themselves and their fellow learners. In maths, the children also create their own level of challenge and aim for mastery. Richard also believes teaching and learning should be fun and he values a classroom environment where the children are at ease but also focused and aware of their position as role-models for each other and different year groups.