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Peer Support Teacher

Nicole Rayner, Pickhill CE Primary School


Specialism - English/Maths

Nikki Rayner

Nicole has taught in KS2 for the past 13 years and since April 2016, she has been a teacher in a Year 3 – 6 class at Pickhill CE Primary – which is in a small rural setting. Nicole has taught across 4 very different primary schools and has had a number of leadership roles. Nicole is committed to ensuring that all children can access the learning at their developmental level and are able to progress both over time and within a lesson.

Through multi-sensory, topic-based teaching that aims to engage all learners, the children in Nicole’s class are excited about learning and this encourages good progress. She ensures that lessons are clearly differentiated and that each child is given enough teacher time to be able to move forward. Nicole has supported other teachers with differing needs and experience, in a range of different settings.