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Becoming a Peer Support Teacher (PST)

What is a Peer Support Teacher?

PSTs are teachers who are leading practitioners in their own schools and are keen to share their skills, knowledge and understanding with other colleagues. 

The PST role focuses on improving other teachers’ pedagogy so that they can improve outcomes for pupils in local schools.  This is usually by allowing colleagues from other schools to observe the PST in their own school and to discuss the practice they see - this is a particularly important part of the Alliance’s Newly Qualified Teacher development programme.  It is important to emphasise that PST work will be agreed with all parties involved, therefore if a headteacher feels that a particular piece of work isn’t appropriate for the school at that time, they are able to refuse it.

Peer Support Teachers:

  • have excellent interpersonal skills
  • are able to work sensitively and collaboratively with others
  • have a commitment to supporting the development of other teachers
  • understand what outstanding teaching and learning looks like and help other teachers to achieve it in their own context

PSTs can come from any school or academy, including nursery, primary, secondary, special, pupil referral unit, independent, free schools and sixth form colleges. Whilst the individual must be outstanding, his or her school does not have to be.

PST Application Form 

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