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RQT Development Programme 

The Swaledale Alliance runs a successful CPD programme for Recently Qualified Teachers.

The programme aims to develop participants’ pedagogical skills as well as their leadership skills.  Any teacher who is currently in their second or third year of teaching is welcome to participate and share knowledge and expertise with their peers.

Programme Details

The RQT programme is a series of virtual twilight sessions conducted via Zoom, this allows participants to focus on aspects of their RQT work whilst developing their network of peer support and collaboration with other colleagues from Alliance schools.  It is designed to follow on from the NQT course and give participants the next steps in their career development and should be viewed as an essential part of the performance management cycle.

Confirmed Programme Dates for 2021-22

Session Date Time
1 Wednesday, 6th October 2021 4 - 5pm
2 Tuesday, 2nd November 2021 4 - 5pm
3 Wednesday, 19th January 2022 4 - 5pm
4 Wednesday, 16th March 2022 4 - 5pm
Further sessions may be scheduled to support the delegates 

Cost of the programme?

The full cost of the programme is £250 per RQT for Alliance Partnership schools and £400 per RQT for non-Alliance member schools. Lunch is provided for the delegates. 

How do I apply?

Email or telephone 01748 818195 for more details.