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Are you the Headteacher of more than one school?

Would you benefit from working with colleagues to unpick some of the challenges associated with
collaboration / federation and shared headship?

Would you value being part of a group which shares excellent practice, ideas and experiences?

If so, this development group could be for you…

Development Group for Headteachers of More than One School

With an increasing number of collaborations, federations and shared headships appearing within The Swaledale
Alliance and the ongoing evolution of some of the more mature collaborative arrangements, we are offering all
heads of more than one school the opportunity to be part of a development group to share their experiences.

Participation in this group is free of charge.

The group is intended to offer a forum for heads to discuss some of the challenges, opportunities, and solutions
associated with being the head of more than one school and is open to any head with multiple schools, irrespective
of size of school, maturity of partnership, headteacher experience, or context.

Each development group meeting will have an agenda, formulated by the group itself. The frequency of the
meetings can also be determined by the group. Some suggested areas to cover might include:

  • Multiple school development planning (including sharing examples)
  • Multiple school SEF writing (including sharing examples)
  • Headteacher’s report for the governing board(s)
  • Bringing children together / transporting children between sites
  • Community perception and challenge
  • Governance
  • Collaboration vs federation vs shared headship
  • Staffing, staff contracts, staff fluidity
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Middle leadership
  • Diary management
  • IT solutions
  • Addressing (perceived) inequity e.g. big school with small school; ‘outstanding’ school with ‘RI’
    school; church school with community school

Please contact the Swaledale Alliance office for further details  - or call 01748 818195