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Example of Good Practice

Our definition of best practice is ‘so that a parent can find the information in a few minutes’ based on advice from HMI.

Compliance area:

Best practice example:

1.  Contact Details     

2.  Admission Arrangements

3.  Ofsted Report

4. Exam and Assessment Results

Good example of combining 3 years:

(The 2017 data for KS2 is suppressed due to low pupil numbers, instead the DFE agree that average results over a period of 3 years is provided could be provided).

5. School Curriculum Information

Curriculum info:

British values:

Help for parents:

6. Behaviour Policy


7. School Complaints         Procedure 

8. Child Protection Policy


9. Pupil Premium 

10. PE and Sport Premium 

11. SEN Policy and Info

12. Governors Information

13. Charging and Remissions Policy


14. Schools Values and Ethos


15. Request for Paper Copies

Criteria for Audience and Accessibility

Fully mobile friendly 

 *The Swaledale Alliance cannot provide specialised advice on the content of policies or procedures.