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Help with writing the Assessment Reports

Following the first and second assessment meeting, the assessment report form should be completed by the induction tutor and/or headteacher as appropriate. If the NQT is leaving the school or college part way through an assessment period, then a progress review meeting should take place and an interim assessment form be completed. The reports should indicate whether at the time of each assessment the NQT is judged to be making satisfactory progress towards meeting the Standards by the end of the induction period. Following the third assessment the form must record the final recommendation as to whether or not, upon completion of Induction, the NQT will have met the Teachers’ Standards.

The assessment reports should include brief pertinent details about progress against the Standards and in particular:

  • strengths
  • areas requiring further development, even where the NQT is deemed to be making satisfactory progress
  • evidence used to inform the judgement
  • targets for the coming term
  • planned support

 For part-time NQTs or those leaving part-way through an assessment period, it is important to record the number of days the NQT has been undertaking Induction. The NQT should add their comments before signing the form. Once signed the NQTs should be given the original and then a copy sent to the appropriate body. Copies of all assessments and supporting evidence should be retained by the school for six years.

Student Mentors:

Deadlines for Assessments to be received by the Alliance

If you have any questions regarding assessments and deadlines, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea Offord on 01748 818195

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