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Alliance Metacognition in Action conference

Following the conference on 5th April, please find attached the resources made available from the project Lead Practitioners and keynote speakers from the day.

Keynotes from the Lead Practitioners:

Effective talk for metacognition 


Keynote speaker - Alex Quigley 'The Power of Metacognition and Self-regulation'


Keynote speaker - Professor Rachel Lofthouse 'Metacognition; supporting teachers and learners as thinkers'


Workshop 1 - Craig Parkinson 'Can metacognition be used across all subject areas?'

CP Swaledale Metacognition Slides

Workshop 2 - Jane Elsworth 'Can a metacognitive approach help pupils to recall and retain learning?'

JE Swaledale Alliance 5.4.19

Workshop 3 - Professor Rachel Lofthouse 'Can coaching help teachers develop a metacognitive approach?'


Workshop 4 - Lead Practitioners 'Adapt and enhance current practice to support metacognitive learning'


LPs APK Handouts

LPs Metacognitive Learner maths task handout


Numbers on a number line task

Step 1 Encourage

Step 2 Guide

Step 3 Model

LPs SSIF Project Acknowledgement

LPs SSIF Project Report Summary

LPs SSIF Project Report Summary Appendix

AR SSIF Project Evaluation

To learn more about the project and our Lead Practitioners, please click here - 

SSIF Project